glitches workshop 5-9 Sept ’11

29 Oct

From Sept 5-9th I undertook a workshop with my collaborator, breakdancer Tony Mills at the studio complex 3/3 and Inspace. We did a lot of experimenting to establish a working method bridging our disciplines. I brought a large resource of videos I’d put together by trawling youtube for gaming glitches, with an emphasis on sports games. We worked on translating individual glitches into real movements, and how these could be joined together into sequences of choreography. Towards the middle of the week we began introducing technology into the mix and explored data captured methods using the Kinect. In particular we used the MikuMiku animation software and the Moggproject DLL for Microsoft Kinect SDK. We presented the results at a scratch event hosted by Inspace on Friday 9th Sept, showing 5 short versions of the piece that we’d developed, including a 10mins performance demo and a 4 min interactive demo, performed in multiple versions.

Here are links to Version 4:  Miku following Tony (via the Kinect)

And Version 5: Tony follows MikuMiku troupe as Miku (troupe’s movement is Tony’s choreography motion captured previously using Kinect – performed to Body Movin’, by Beastie boys – soundtrack not available on youtube due to licensing)


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