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¬ dancing, gaming + absurdity

26 Nov

The DANCE:FILM festival was on last week in Edinburgh and meant that at last I got the opportunity to see Pina 3D! A visual extravaganza, the most special thing about it for me was the performers eye view that I presented to the audience. You, the viewer, are positioned right there in the middle of the stage, up close and personal with the performers. My favourite scene was the utterly absurd but wonderful tram sequence, full of big hair and big ears. Here’s the trailer to enjoy


Another festival on at the same time was IDILL, the international dance online short film festival, which featured this great, gaming inspired, short “JOUDANCE2 in Asakusa-stage1” by Jou & Masayuki Hara.

¬ glitches workshops nov ’11

20 Nov

I’ve spent the last two weekends working with Tony Mills on the ‘glitch choreography’. On 5/6th Nov we looked at the motion data we’d captured into MikuMikuDance in Sept and the glitches this created. Tony developed a revised version of the choreography based on this, which was super glitch!

The next Saturday we took a step back, comparing the original version to the MikuMiku to see what was the most interesting, picking and choosing the most interesting parts. This evolved into a much more layered, glitch choreography, although it may be went too far into performance and is a little difficult to follow for a viewer (still pondering this…).

So on Sunday 13th Nov, we worked on pulling the last version of the choreography apart into individual moves (which we’ve made a written lexicon of ) and randomly bringing these together until we found order of sequences that ‘fit’ together. This is easier to follow (we know because I tried) but I’m not convinced it’s as interesting as the previous version…

¬ Kinect art+dance

10 Nov

While researching my glitches project I’ve come across numerous interesting dance and interactive art projects using the Kinect. I find the contemporary dance world very inspiring in investigating technology’s relationship to the body, so it’s no surprise to see the Kinect snapped up and used very quickly. The Kinect has fascinating potential as a tool for choreography and performance.

Here are a few of the examples of dance and installation Kinect projects I’ve found:

Me and My Shadow’ by Joseph Hyde

Fidelity’ by Rodrigo Carvalho in collaboration with choreographer Natalia Brownlie and sound designer Miguel Neto

Interactive Puppet Prototype‘ by Theo Watson and Emily Gobielle 

PUPP’Art’ by Mosquito 

¬ microsoft + glitches

3 Nov

I had a very serendipitious opportunity to show my ‘glitches’ project to Rick Rashid, Chief Research Officer for Microsoft Research, Ken Wood, Deputy Managing Director at Microsoft’s Cambridge Reseach Lab and other MS staff on their visit to the School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh on 5th Oct. I’ve since been speaking to Jamie Shotton, a researcher in the Computer Vision Group and Alex Taylor a sociologist working in the Socio-digital Systems Group, both working from the Lab in Cambridge.

Jamie worked on the Kinect Skeleton and the fantastic KinectFusion project and Alex researches into “what the unceasing developments in science and technology might mean for being human”, which is exactly where I like to see my own work.

I’m not sure where (if anywhere) all this is going to lead at the moment, but lets wait and see…