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¬glitching +P{e/a}r{i/a}meter symposium edinburgh

3 May

I’ll be presenting ‘glitching’ at the P{e/a}r{i/a}meter CIRCLE research symposium on Monday 7th May, 11.00-4.00pm at Inspace, University of Edinburgh. It has a really interesting programme of talks and includes a number of people using the Kinect in creative projects, such as Simon Biggs and Hadi Mehrpouya, and Sophia Lycouris, Wendy Timmons and Lauren Hayes.


Info about the CIRCLE Research network:

CIRCLE’s members are researchers and creative practitioners at the University of Edinburgh and elsewhere. They work across the creative arts, architecture, the humanities, the physical and social sciences. Their research focuses on developing creative collaborative environments, employing methods across disciplines. Their aim is to develop effective and affecting interactive environments, within a critical framework, seeking the insights that interdisciplinary inquiry might allow

¬glitching +documentation

3 May

So, at last here’s some video documentation of ‘glitching’ at the Stirling run of the ‘Human Race: inside the history of sports medicine’ exhibition.

And also a glimpse of two parts of the ‘glitching’ live performance at the macrobert arts centre, Stirling on April 1st.

Human Race exhibition moves to Inverness next, showing at the Inverness Museum and Art Gallery from 25 May – 7 July 2012. Hope to see you ‘glitching’ there!

¬glitching +1st April

29 Mar


3pm, Sunday 1st April 2012
macrobert arts centre, stirling

‘glitching’ is a new digital dance performance project led by artist Beverley Hood. The performance is inspired by the glitches and malfunctions of characters in sports and action computer games. After the performance the audience will be invited to step into the digital shoes of the dancers and follow the movements of the on-screen dance troupe.

The project is funded by an Artist Commission from the Scotland and Medicine Partnership for the Human Race exhibition. Additional funding has been provided by Creative Scotland and Edinburgh College of Art.

Cost: £1.50 friends/£3.00 full price

Booking: Through the macrobert arts centre – www.macrobert.org

Location: http://maps.google.co.uk/maps?q=macrobert.+University+of+Stirling,+Stirling,+FK9+4LA&hl=en&safe=off&fb=1&gl=uk&hq=macrobert.&hnear=0x4888881b23d0fe1d:0xd20ed7d2b455d194,FK9+4LA&cid=0,0,4136024612473447860&t=m&z=15&iwloc=A

Further info: www.humanrace.org.uk/live-performance-glitching

¬ glitching +stirling

8 Mar

The ‘Human Race‘ exhibition is open at last at the Pathfoot Gallery, University of Stirling (2 March – 13 April 2012), after a huge final push to the finished the work and install the many, many items in the show. This eclectic display ranges from ligaments (yes really!) to some amazing artificial limbs, anti-inflammatories, drawings that look like psychological storms by Catherine Street, poetry by Kona McPhee, and of course the ‘glitching’ installation.

'glitching' interactive installation by Beverley Hood, 2012, at the Pathfoot Gallery, University of Stirling, March 1st 2012. Photography by Barry Dewar.

The first official live performance of ‘glitching’ takes place at 3pm, Sunday 1st April, at the macrobert arts centre, Stirling

¬ glitching + interactive

16 Feb

So, the countdown is upon us. The ‘Human Race’ exhibition opens in the Pathfoot Gallery, Pathfoot Building, University of Stirling on Thursday 1st March and runs until 13th April. Equipment is bought and being plugged together to check it all works. The ‘glitching’ interface design is being spruced up by Gill White and Hemal Bodasing is patiently tweaking and re-tweaking the Unity project to get it all working just so.

Here’s a glimpse of it ‘in progress’ in the studio:

¬ glitches-glitching + jan workshop

4 Feb

As of Jan 2012, the title of this project has been tweaked to ‘glitching’. This seems to make more sense, making it an activity, like ‘running’, ‘dancing’ etc.

Also in Jan, the project team came together for a week long development workshop. Myself, Tony Mills, Hannah Seignior, Felicity Beveridge and Martin Parker worked at the Calton Centre, Edinburgh on the performance version of the project, which was very productive and great fun. Hemal Bodasing was doing a sterling job behind the scenes making multiple updates and revisions to the Unity project as we fed back suggestions throughout the week. Chris Davies, at Interactive3, ever helpful, also provided his expertise in MotionBuilder to bring it all together.

As a result we presented a ‘showing’ of the performance version, in progress, on Friday 27th Jan. Many thanks to all who came along, took part and gave your very useful feedback.

¬ glitches +models

19 Jan

I’ve been working on creating a 3D model of Tony Mills to feature in the ‘glitches’ interactive project. It’s been a laborious process of adapting an already existing 3D character’s texture into ‘Tony’, by patching together photos I took of Tony using Photoshop. It’s incredible finickity to piece these together and get the placement right on the model but finished at last! The results are below.

¬ glitches + end of ’11

29 Dec

Well it’s been a really hectic few weeks and the ‘glitches’ project group has grown. Software and ex-Nintendo games developer, Hemal Bodasing, is working away with the Kinect and Unity. Here’s a very in-progress screen shot of where we’re up to, with basic functions in place. Lots and lots of tweaking and interface design ahead.

I’ve also had some great help on the motion capture side from Chris Davies of interface3. As a result, I’ve been trying out the ipisoft setup to capture Tony’s last version of ‘glitch choreography’ and subsequently have spent many an hour getting it to track correctly! There’s still work to be done but it’s a very nice setup to work with.

We had a ‘glitches’ workshop audition led by Tony, on Sunday 18th Dec, at the Calton Centre, Edinburgh, to find two female dancers to take part in the performance version of the project. The turnout was great and I was really impressed with all the participants. In the end we chose the very talented Hannah Seignior and Felicity Beveridge to perform with Tony. We’ll start to work together properly during a performance development week, beginning Jan 23rd.

The composer/sound artist Martin Parker is another very welcome addition to the project group. Martin is a very experienced composer and performer (also Programme Director for the Msc in Sound Design, so it’s great to collaborate with someone across our newly formed eca, post University of Edinburgh merger), who has already brought many interesting ideas about how we can create and control sound, for and within the performance. Martin will also be joining us during the performance development week in Jan, to begin work on the performance soundtrack.

Late in December I met with Nord Architecture, who Scotland & Medicine have commissioned to create the Human Race exhibition design. I’m very pleased about this and inspired by conversations so far – I feel in very capable hands!

Over and out for 2011 – roll on 2012!

¬ glitches +others

7 Dec

In my ‘glitches’ research I’ve come across some really interesting projects that other artists and designers have been making on this theme.

There’s a lovely project ‘Postcards from google earth’, by Clement Valla, featured in the Glitch Issue of IdN magazine. In this Valla exploits irregularities in google earth’s data interpretation of various bridges, which creates a fantastical, often white-knuckle ride version, of these architectural structures.

“glitches…are unintentional. Glitches generate forms that no individual has thought of or set out to create. Rather, they result from the interaction of the material processes (glitches due to hardware), the code (glitches due to software), and the user or programmer. “ Clement Valla. 2011, Postcards from google earth. IdN: Glitch Issue, Volume 18 no3, p24.

Another great ‘glitch’ project is JODI’s Max Payne Cheats only. JODI, playful and disruptive as ever, have focused on the not so functional areas of this highly sophisticated game, and revel in absurd moments where the user is inside the protaganists head (literally in there, behind his eyeballs – we’ve all been there in one game or another!) , locked in physical loops (as a leaping naked lady) and makes attempts to ascend an inescapable staircase (no matter what characters they inhabit).

“Jodi have intervened in the programme structure in such a way that absurd perspectives and effects alter the game’s otherwise realistic graphics: we see the massive hero repeating idiotic movements; he dips his angular head into a virtual matrix; his body appears semitransparent…“ Transmediale Festival 2006


¬ dancing, gaming + absurdity

26 Nov

The DANCE:FILM festival was on last week in Edinburgh and meant that at last I got the opportunity to see Pina 3D! A visual extravaganza, the most special thing about it for me was the performers eye view that I presented to the audience. You, the viewer, are positioned right there in the middle of the stage, up close and personal with the performers. My favourite scene was the utterly absurd but wonderful tram sequence, full of big hair and big ears. Here’s the trailer to enjoy


Another festival on at the same time was IDILL, the international dance online short film festival, which featured this great, gaming inspired, short “JOUDANCE2 in Asakusa-stage1” by Jou & Masayuki Hara.