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¬glitching +glitch’d @ Edinburgh International Festival – 28 Aug 2013

29 Jul

A performance of Glitching will be presented as part of the one-off event glitch’d: Purposeful Mistakes as part of the Edinburgh International Festival, at Edinburgh College of Art.

Glitch’d: Purposeful Mistakes
Edinburgh College of Art
Date: 28th Aug 2013

Show times: 12noon and 2pm

Running time: 100mins

The glitch is the defect or malfunction; when technology misbehaves. Distinct from noise, which corrupts information, the glitch affects the decisions our technologies increasingly make for us, amplifying the outcome. This one-off event, encompassing promenade performance, an intelligent search engine, technological demonstration, dance performance and manipulated light installation, explores how interactive media art projects can offer insights into the affects and effects of the glitch.

Participating artists: Richard Ashrowan; Simon Biggs/Sue Hawksley/Garth Paine; Beverley Hood; Rocio Von Jungenfeld; Hadi Mehpouya/ Robert Powell.

Booking: http://www.eif.co.uk/glitchd-purposeful-mistakes